sunrise demons
the boy with the demon blood
became the lucky one
while the righteous man by his side
was slowly rotting into the a beast he despised

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so my first botm bc october is one of my favourite months!!


mbf this spoopy nerd
rebloogle this (likes for bookmarking)
must reach 30 notes or itll be salted and burned
ends sept. 30
multifandom blogs welcomed to enter

winners get

+f from me if not already
a spot on my updates tab for the entire month
promo when announced
and infinite more during october
and my friendship!! yaa

runner ups get

+f from me if not already
a spot on my updates tab for the month but as a symbol
promo when announced
and two during the month!
and my friendship bby

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it’s that time again!! and look at my scruffy handsome baby!!!
stuff you need to know

↳ must be following me

reblog this

↳ must get at least 75 notes

↳ winners get endless promos + graphics upon request + follow from me if not already + my endless love and affection

↳ ends october 1st, winners chosen october 2nd

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Honest MBTI Stereotypes


ISTJ: Practical and down-to-earth. Probably your mother.
ISFJ: Always nice enough to be suspicious and more loyal than all your pets combined.
ISTP: Probably don’t care about you, might still kill you in your sleep though.
ISFP: Always carrying at least 4 daisy chains on them at all times; don’t take them to museums if you ever want to come out again.
INTP: That one guy hiding in their room trying to calculate exactly how much bigger the TARDIS is on the inside.
INFP: Starry-eyed idealist, so caring and sweet they might just rot your teeth out.
INTJ: 50% standoffishness, 50% being right all the time, 100% better than you.
INFJ: Spends half their time delivering melodramatic heroic monologues and the other half attempting to purify the ground they walk on.
ESTJ: 100% committed to their life partner, the rulebook.
ESFJ: Happy to make you happy to make them—could potentially create a feeling paradox.
ESTP: Probably Kanye West.
ESFP: The golden retriever you always wanted, except in human form.
ENTP: Would probably blow up the world to calculate shrapnel velocity.
ENFP: Like a bottle of fizzy soda, except with more righteousness.
ENTJ: Like an INTJ, just better at hiding the fact that they’re an asshole.
ENFJ: The world’s mother hen. May also be running ten cults of worship behind your back.

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I’m 16 away from 500 OMG OMG OMG thank u all

you should all follow this amazing blogger <3 elyse has an amazing blog


"she's kinda like the little sister i never wanted"

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MOVED URLS/REDIRECT PAGE by clarascapaldis (elisionthemes)


  • redirects after about five seconds
  • option for either background image or background color
  • two seperate codes - one to be used on a blog page, and one to be used as blog main theme

STANDARD RULES APPLY. please like/reblog if using!

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